AM Stereo?

Eli Polonsky
Fri Mar 2 16:30:27 EST 2007

--- Jeff Lehmann <> wrote:

> > WBZ and WXKS-AM are in stereo on HD. I'm not sure, but I
> > think WMKI may be running a mono feed on their HD. I'll
> > have to listen more closely to check on that.
> WMKI is in stereo, but the signal level has to be at least
> 4 bars to receive it in stereo on the Sangean. It usually
> doesn't hold steady down here in Hanson.

I just checked on headphones. WMKI HD is actually in stereo.

I'm a little bummed that the unadvertised analog C-Quam AM
stereo feature on the Sangean is not wideband. It gets full
stereo separation on WJIB, but with the muddy, narrowband
fidelity of conventional AM mono receivers. I have to go
back to my mid-1980's Sony STR-AV490 to hear WJIB in full
wideband C-Quam AM stereo glory.


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