WTTT On Nighttime Pattern All Day

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Fri Mar 2 13:51:05 EST 2007

Sometimes when there's a winter storm with sleet and heavy rains along with the
snow, a radio station or two (usually AM) may wind up transmitting a weaker
or even non-existent signal.  So earlier in the day today (Friday 03/02) I
scanned the AM dial with my radio that displays relative signal strength,
and voila (a little French lingo in honor of the former Radiodiffusion
Francais show once heard on WJIB) I observed that WTTT-AM 1150 registered
a tiny 2.5 rather than the 3.5 that is displayed at midday.  Remember 
this readout is relative and doesn't actually mean a 4.0 is TWICE as strong
as a 2.0...in fact WTT's 2.5 this morning through 1:00 pm provides an
barely listenable audio, while 3.0 is pretty strong.  A quck sample of
an AM station just about the same distance away and also in the same middle
of the dial, WESX-AM 1230 transmitting from Marblehead with 1,000
watts output gave a reading of 3.0, so WTTT's nighttime pattern 
seems to direct much less than 1,000 watts NNE.  The thought
crossed my mind that moisture may have gotten into the phasors
or something, so I checked the station that shares the transmitter
building, WAZN-AM 1470, and it was at normal strength (and
stronger than WTTT).  I also checked an AM that transmits from 
nearly the same geographical area, WWZN, a short distance away in
Waltham, and it was at full power.  Could it be that WTTT engineers
were fiddling with the equipment to make sure they were ready
for the Daylight Savings time switch in 9 days?  

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