AM Radio Coverage

Mike Malone
Thu Mar 1 15:07:28 EST 2007

I was in Germany last over Christmas and can confirm the BBC broadcasts at 
648 kHz.

As a side note years ago (circa 1985) when I was a newscaster on WTAG, I 
seem to remember the station getting a reception report along with an air 
check of the station being received somewhere in the UK.


>From: "Bob Nelson" <>
>To: "A. Joseph Ross" <>,        "BostonRadio Mailing 
>Subject: Re: AM Radio Coverage
>Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 05:21:29 -0500
> >>So if they can get US stations in Europe, howcome we don't get
>European stations in the US (on medium wave, that is)?
>I used to pick up the BBC at what sounded like 640 kHz sometimes late
>on a Sunday night...on a clock radio with an analog dial
>btw Europe has 9 kHz spacing doesn't it? You might have something like
>"1248 kHz". A Walkman I recently got allowed you to set it to the
>9 kHz spacing (and at one point I accidentally set it that way
>but after I took the battery out and tried again, it was back
>to 10 kHz spacing: 530, 540 et al)

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