Antenna Advice

Brian Vita
Sat Jun 30 10:27:33 EDT 2007

Roger Kolakowski wrote:
> Hi Brian...
> Depending on the construction methods used with the bar joists themselves,
> you might be able to use a connection straight to them as an antenna. While
> polarization differences present somewhat of a loss, there is a school of
> thought that the more metal you can get up there, the better you can
> receive...
My concern was that somewhere along the line the bar joists might be 
tied to a ground, which, I thought would render it moot.

> As for the Rat Shack that 14' vertical or horizontal? Maybe
> it's one of those discone antennas that ends up cross polarized also.
14' long and about 2' high if I attach the UHF bowtie and the stiffening 
bar.  Right now it's hanging from its CG by sail cord from the bar 
joists using my "economy rotor" technique.
> I'm assuming that you have the Sangean where you work, maybe Ill stop by to
> check it out. Smooth Jazz uninterrupted sound good to me...
It's in my "studio" and plugged into the console.  The mono bus of the 
console feeds the office BM music system and the telephone MOH.  When 
I'm not using the "studio" it gives me the option of listening to CD/XM 
or now HD radio while I work.  When I'm doing production work or 
prerecording a show it makes a neat "air monitor" while I sneak out to 
refill my coffee cup.  When some of the other WMWM jocks use the studio 
to prerecord their shows, I split the board so that I have what I want 
in the office and they can record their show in the studio.

The door is always open (workload permitting) to any BRI'er who has the 
misfortune to be in Peabody to stick their heads in and say hi or get a 


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