Antenna Advice

Roger Kolakowski
Sat Jun 30 04:31:58 EDT 2007

Hi Brian...

Depending on the construction methods used with the bar joists themselves,
you might be able to use a connection straight to them as an antenna. While
polarization differences present somewhat of a loss, there is a school of
thought that the more metal you can get up there, the better you can

As for the Rat Shack that 14' vertical or horizontal? Maybe
it's one of those discone antennas that ends up cross polarized also.

I'm assuming that you have the Sangean where you work, maybe Ill stop by to
check it out. Smooth Jazz uninterrupted sound good to me...


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> My Sangean HDT-1 receiver arrived Thursday and, after finally putting a
> real antenna on it, the FM sounds great.  I initially tried the indoor
> dipole thing that comes with it and could actually pick up some stations
> but couldn't lock onto any of the GM stations in HD.  Other stations did
> however.
> I moved the antenna to my back window and it improved somewhat to the
> point where I could pick up all of the GM stations in HD except Magic
> (more accurately, I was trying to pick up WMJX-2 (smooth jazz, don't ya
> know).  I still couldn't get a lock.
> I moved the dipole to the attic and was able to lock onto all of the GM
> stations last night but couldn't get a lock this AM.  I finally went
> down to a Radio Shack (somewhat inappropriate name these days) and
> grabbed the one outdoor VHF/UHF/FM antenna in their inventory and put it
> together in the attic  Aside from the fact that the assembly hardware
> was missing, it went together in about 20 mins and is hysterical.  The
> foolish thing is about 14' long.  Picks up just about everything out
> After a few hours of listening, I am impressed with the quality.
> Overall the signal quality on the FM is better than XM.  WMJX-2's
> programming is very good also.  I also checked out WROR-2 (all 70's) and
> was impressed.  The other HD-2 channels in the market didn't impress
> me.  I'm not into Classic Hip-Hop, Radio You (whatever the hell that is)
> or all Irish all the time.  How about dumping one of those and replacing
> it with the Fox (or CNN) News audio feed?
> As far as the AM side, I hooked up the loop thingy that they ship with
> it and, much to my surprise, I had a clean pickup of WRKO, WBZ and
> several others (with my previous receiver the same type of loop gave me
> all static all the time).  I wasn't able to pick up the HD on any AM
> channel though.
> I was considering running a long wire hanging just below the bar joists
> in my building to the receiver and grounding the ground terminal.  Any
> thoughts on a better solution?  I'm not really into buying one of those
> antenna in a box deals.
> Your input is greatly appreciated.
> For reference, I'm just outside of Peabody Square on Walnut St in a
> cinderblock building that sits somewhat inside of a depression (the
> building, not me).
> Brian Vita

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