The ONLY place to hear the Pops 4th Concert? 2

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jun 28 12:21:08 EDT 2007

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>Subject: The ONLY place to hear the Pops 4th Concert? 2
>Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 15:00:58 -0400

>WBZ has been promoting itself as the ONLY place to listen to the 
>Boston Pops concert on the 4rth.
>I've had WCRB on here in the office today

Have other people in the office complained to OSHA or some other agency
charged with the responsibility to protect workers from abuse?

>.....and they have been 
>promoting that they will be carrying the concert from the 

>The *only* place?

I'm beginning to wonder what WBZ and also WTKK mean by the word 'only';
WBZ also calls itself the ONLY news station in Boston; is that because
WBUR supplements news coverage with talk shows?  So does WBZ, and WBUR
doesn't run program-length commercials disguised as talk shows (although
their beg-a-thons come close).  And WTKK-FM bills itslf as boston's ONLY 
full-time talk station.  That must mean they don't consider spectator-sports
play-by-play as talk...hmmmm aren't the people describing the action (action?
this is baseball after all) TALKING?   And there were rumors last fall that
WTKK might have been in the bidding for the Red Sox broadcast rights.
And Jay Severin plays so much hard-rock recorded material as bumpers that
WTKK could be considered as a talk-rock station!

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