MIA FM's On Cape Cod

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Mon Jun 25 14:16:56 EDT 2007

My travels this past weekend took me to Harwich on Cape Cod; I didn't have the
inclination nor the time to wander far afield to check out all the FM's on the 
illustrious sandbar, but I did notice that a few approved applications were
nonetheless missing in action.  NERW-to-the-contrary-notwithstanding, WCDJ-FM
102.3 was not on-the-air at any point when I checked it out.  Maybe they're
doing some testing in the middle of the night and will be fully functional for
Fourth, but not right now.   Another actual station with a construction permit, 
WXLJ-LP 97.7 in Harwich itself was nowhere to be found (I heard no useable 
output from WKAF on Big Blue).  Two translators that have been authorized:
W230AW 93.9 in Centerville and W264BA in Harwich were not in evidence.
Centerville apparently is a sub-village in the village of Hyannis, and
maybe it was too far away from Harwich to be heard, but I did pick up
some weak signals on my car radio, on which I did all the monitoring.
One station that DID come but was not acknowledged by its owner was
WRYP 90.1 in Wellfleet.  Apparently it's a WGBH-operated clone of the
'AI' stations like WCAI and WZAI, but during station breaks there was
never any reference to this station, which after all has regular call
letters (not like a translator with its FM channel in the middle).  Very strange.
R Wow...the Sagamore Bridge "flyover" is wonderful!  I realize it's a
week-and-a-half before the Fourth of July when traffic in that area can
be expected to be horrific, but I was not ready for how quickly I went from
Route 3 southbound to the Samaritans sign on Sagamore bridge, both going and

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