Graham jokes (?) about bumping off the Clintons

Bob Nelson
Sat Jun 23 09:31:46 EDT 2007

You're Michael Graham, and you're being considered for morning drive on WTKK. The future looks bright--but then
you go off on CNN Headline News (Glenn Beck Show) and joke about bumping off the Clintons, Sopranos-style.

The incident has been reported on blogs both liberal (Media Matters) and conservative (Save WRKO).
The latter had also reported on remarks allegedly made by Randi Rhodes that were in a similar
vein. The former offers a clip of Graham's comments.

Graham: "Seriously, Glenn, didn't you at one point want to see, like, Paulie Walnuts or someone come in and just whack them both right there. Wouldn't that have been great?" 

Beck (smiling): "No, I did not want to see that." 

Graham: "C'mon, I wanted that."

(Beck himself had joked in the past about killing Michael Moore. Graham has made controversial comments before.)

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