call sign question

Scott Fybush
Fri Jun 22 22:45:25 EDT 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> What about WMAL and WBAP? Are there still other former ABC O&O radio
> stations that are not ESPN or Radio Disney? I think so--WPLJ is one. Aren't
> all such stations now Citadel properties? There must be other FMs in other
> cities. I doubt whether any of them still use the co-owned AM's base calls
> with a -FM suffix, although I think all of them did at one time.

The full list of ABC Radio stations that were part of the Citadel deal, 
with AMs noted as such (in the prior post, I had mentioned only the ones 
with same-call TVs in the market):

New York - WABC(AM), WPLJ
Chicago - WLS(AM), WZZN
San Francisco - KGO(AM), KSFO
Los Angeles - KABC(AM), KLOS
Dallas/Fort Worth - WBAP(AM), KSCS, KTYS
Washington - WMAL(AM), WRQX, WJZW
Detroit - WJR(AM), WDVD, WDRQ
Atlanta - WKHX, WYAY

In New York, Chicago, SF, LA, Dallas and Minneapolis, Disney also owned 
(and continues to own) either ESPN or Radio Disney properties (or both) 
as well.

And yes, at one time, there were WABC-FM, WLS-FM, WMAL-FM and KABC-FM 
and KGO-FM calls in the family as well. The first four survive as WPLJ, 
WZZN, WRQX and KLOS. KGO-FM was eventually sold off, and is now KKSF. I 
believe it was just traded from Bonneville to Entercom.

The pre-Cap Cities ABC also owned WXYZ/WXYZ-FM (later WRIF) in Detroit, 
which were traded away in favor of keeping Cap Cities' WJR, and at 
various times also had holdings in Pittsburgh (KQV/KQV-FM) and Houston 


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