Is WGBH Dropping "Open Source"? - 2

Aaron Read
Fri Jun 22 11:13:03 EDT 2007

You've been posting to this list for a comparatively short time, so
you may not be aware of how rancourous his departure was (although other
media reported on it).  Of course, the GM at the time, Jane Christo
(of whom I'll never speak ill because she provided me with free,
unlimited Sam Adams twice) has left the building. On rare occasions,
people go away and come back (Jerry Williams), but it's rare.
Maybe Chris Lydon will reappear on WBUR when Don Imus resumes
broadcasting on WFAN.

Yes it's rare, but Lydon's already done it once, Laurence - I vaguely 
remember his departure from WGBH-TV wasn't exactly smooth, either.   Yet 
he managed to get WGBH-radio to help him launch a new national show.

Admittedly, Lydon's tenure on WGBH TV ended many years ago (late 1980's, 
IIRC).  I don't quite know about time healing all wounds, but it was 
over six years ago that all the Jane Christo - Chris Lydon fooferah went 
down.  More importantly, I don't think Lydon would be going back to WBUR 
and asking them to be the "home station" this time.  By which I mean 
that WBUR would not be providing office space, studio time and direct 
financial support (i.e. like how The Connection was)

Instead, this would be WBUR deciding whether or not to air Open Source 
much like how they decide whether or not to air any other national show 
from an exterior provider, like Talk of The Nation, The Diane Rehm Show 
or Marketplace.  In such a decision, the personal politics are largely 
removed from the's more about whether WBUR has room in 
their air schedule, and whether Open Source would garnish enough 
listeners/ratings to be worth the affiliate fees.

I'm not privy to the details that would influence such a decision, but 
speaking in the abstract, it does make it a lot more possible than you'd 
ordinarily think.

Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02446-2204

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