When WBZ played covers instead of hits

Cohasset / Hippisley cohasset@frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 21 07:15:55 EDT 2007

On Jun 21, 2007, at 1:41 AM, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> In Bedford, where I lived, WCOP had a very strong signal.  WMEX had a
> good signal in the daytime, but it was often very difficult at night,
> with interference from WKBW at 1520.

The same was true in my dorm room on the East Campus of MIT (58-62),  
using my RCA 5-tube AC/DC clock radio with built-in ferrite loopstick  
antenna.  But whenever I was back in Central NY during breaks I could  
often pick up WMEX.  Despite having a modest sense of sunspots,  
maximum useable frequencies, and "skip" zones, I was quite surprised  
on more than one occasion in the early 60s  to hear WMEX on my car  
radio while driving around the Syracuse area at high noon!

I was a sometimes broadcast band DXer back then, so when homesickness  
struck at college I would stay up late and try to find my CNY Top 40  
stations:  WNDR (1260) and WFBL (1390).  The former was virtually  
impossible to log and the latter would fade in and out, rising to the  
top of the 1390 "heap" in my dorm room about 10-20% of the time after  

Bud Hippisley

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