When WBZ played covers instead of hits

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Tue Jun 19 11:36:21 EDT 2007

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Gimme Some Lovin which was a huge hit by Spencer Davis never aired on
> WBZ, instead they used a group called "The Jordan Brothers"
> The other was "Winchester Cathedral" which was a hit by the The New
> Vaudeville Band but WBZ played a version by "The New Happiness"

Not limited to Boston.

The Jordan Bros. were also played in Portland ME on WLOB - which was 
king of the Top 40 stack by then.  WJAB had been (when 'LOB was 
beautiful music) but they were a daytimer and when 'LOB flipped, they 
sank like a stone.  Jim Sands and Bob Fuller both crossed the street to 
work at WLOB.

WLOB played both the New Happiness and the New Vaudville Band's versions.

They also played "The Pied Piper" by the Changing Times instead of 
Crispian St. Peters.

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