Barnicle to leave WTKK daily show

Sean Smyth
Fri Jun 15 05:49:52 EDT 2007

David Tomm <> wrote:
> The other nagging rumor I've heard--Imus returning?  Neither WTKK nor
> WFAN seem to be in any great hurry to replace the I-man.  Could they
> be 
> waiting for things to cool down before bringing him back? Considering
> the lost revenue at WFAN and Imus' pending lawsuit, it may make sense
> for CBS Radio, which recently replaced their upper management, to put
> Imus back on the air.  WTKK was a loyal, longtime Imus affiliate, and
> I'm sure they'd love to bring him back, even if he isn't on MSNBC 
> anymore.

I said this at the time, that I wouldn't be surprised if he were
brought back in 3 to 6 months. He'll say he's a reformed man, it'll be
announced late on a Friday so it flies under the radar, and all will be
well with the world. I would be surprised if some winkwink, nudgenudge
WASN'T in existence in April when this all went down.

McGuirk, though, I think his days on the show are done.

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