Barnicle to leave WTKK daily show

David Tomm
Fri Jun 15 04:56:13 EDT 2007

Seems to me Barnicle didn't see eye to eye with the new program 
director.  The article mentions that the station wanted to pair him 
with a revolving group of guest hosts, "Big Show" style.  That didn't 
sit too well with Barnicle, and now he's out.  Let's see how much he 
really does with the station once they figure out what they want to do 
with morning drive.  Speaking of which....

The other nagging rumor I've heard--Imus returning?  Neither WTKK nor 
WFAN seem to be in any great hurry to replace the I-man.  Could they be 
waiting for things to cool down before bringing him back? Considering 
the lost revenue at WFAN and Imus' pending lawsuit, it may make sense 
for CBS Radio, which recently replaced their upper management, to put 
Imus back on the air.  WTKK was a loyal, longtime Imus affiliate, and 
I'm sure they'd love to bring him back, even if he isn't on MSNBC 

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Jun 14, 2007, at 6:25 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> The Herald reports that Mike Barnicle not only will NOT take the "Imus 
> slot" at WTKK, he's leaving the station
> altogether (at least as a daily talk show host, even if just for an 
> hour, as before--Greater Media says he
> still will have a role at the station...maybe call-ins to certain 
> shows to talk about the Presidential
> race, I'd think). He will be at 96.9 until a replacement is found.

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