Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Donna Halper
Wed Jun 13 13:30:18 EDT 2007

>>Doug said--
>>The WGTR calls probably came from WPTR or they were intended as a
>>resurrection of the original WGTR, which I believe was the earliest
>>incarnation of what is now WAAF.  Donna, help us out here!

Well, all I know (and I don't know much!) is that the WGTR calls go 
back to November of 1943, when the late great John Shepard 3rd's FM 
station, originally called W1XOJ and then W43B, was re-named with the 
call letters WGTR.  That stood for General Tire Company, named after 
the company which had purchased a controlling interest in the Yankee Network.

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