Cable Choice and Competition Act

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Jun 11 02:32:46 EDT 2007

On 10 Jun 2007 at 11:48, Dan Billings wrote:

> How many people actually watch public access stations?  Does the
> service really justify the mandatory tax paid by all cable
> subscribers?
> I think the whole system is driven by the ego of local politicians who
> like to be on TV.
It probably varies from one town to another, but there seem to be a 
lot of people who watch Brookline Town Meeting.  And of course, we 
Town Meeting Members watch the repeats.  The Board of Selectmen are 
watched by many, including I'm sure, people who are interested in one 
or another issue that comes before the Selectmen.

Brookline High graduation is probably watched, and perhaps recorded, 
by the graduates and their families.  Other local events, not 
involving politicians, are watched and recorded at least by their 
participants and their families.  Other local-access programs have 
their special audience.  It isn't large, but I've always thought 
that's partly because the programs aren't promoted as well as 
commercial or even PBS programs.

I know that Joseph Gallant used to (perhaps still does) have a 
program on Norwood cable, which I believe may even have been 
syndicated to other cable systems.  I appeared on his show once to 
talk about old-time radio, and I was impressed with the size of his 
studio audience of teenagers, who asked remarkably knowledgeable 
questions (such as "Why did Zeppo leave the Marx Brothers movies?").

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