Cable Choice and Competition Act (FiOS)

Aaron Read
Fri Jun 8 12:37:42 EDT 2007

Let me start be saying that I am, in general, not a great fan of 
Verizon. There are things that they do exceedingly well, however, and I 
gladly buy my cell phone service from them as a result. Another thing I 
would readily buy from VZ - if it were available - is FiOS.

I recently moved from New Jersey, where FiOS was available, to 
Worcester, where it is not, and I have to say that I miss it very much.


You're among the few, Dave.  Check out this litany of unhappy FiOS 

The classic is the first entry:

RFJason documented the 6-month ordeal it took to get Verizon FiOS 
installed.  It was a debacle, starting with his first customer service 
calls to get the fiber optic installed, like this quote from a customer 
service rep:

"Sir, I think I know our products pretty well, and there's no such thing 
as fie-ohsss here. Maybe you're thinking of another company."


Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02446-2204

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