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Peter Murray
Wed Jun 6 12:16:06 EDT 2007

No need to sound so harsh, Dan. Given that Garrett posted on 3-June 
about, I'd expect he probably figured it 
was redundant to refer to it again. Not an unreasonable omission.

There is much information at the Archives ( - 
certainly enough to keep the average radio geek amused for hours.

While we're posting URLs of note, check out the "Other Resources" link 
off the Archives main page.

If you have additional radio-relevant URLs to share, post them!

A few from my collection: - good info, but for entertainment only. - the authoritative site for US radio info. - Peter George's 
"RadioDXer" site, including the "UHF Morgue" - excellent TV/FM propagation info


Peter Murray (N3IXY)
Oak Hill, VA

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> Garrett: Since you don't usually do anything without a reason that makes
> sense at least to you, I assume you are trying to teach the list members a
> lesson. Well, maybe you will succeed, but your omission of a link or links
> from the message to which I am replying strikes me as simply dumb! THIS IS A
> RULE for EVERYONE who sends e-mails to a list or just to an individual or
> individuals in an attempt to promote traffic at a Web site: Your message
> should include A LINK to the target site. The more difficult you make it for
> the recipients of your message to take the action the message proposes, the
> less likely the suggestion you proffer will elicit the desired response.
> (And all this time, I thought the rule was self-evident.)
> --
> Dan Strassberg,
> eFax 707-215-6367

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