WWZN announces it will stay sports

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Mon Jun 4 20:39:51 EDT 2007

earlier, Kevin Vahey said:

> The Red Sox did veto the
Spanish games going to 1510. The Sox were
> upset about
unauthorized promotions the station had and then the
> fiasco with
Dakota's morning show claiming Hazel Mae and Terry
> Francona were
an item. 
 It was my understanding that the Spanish Beisbol
Network negotiations for going to 1510 took place in 2000 - 2001 and that
there were WEEI protections and Fenway park signage issues that came into
 New owners for both the Sox and 1510 might mean another
stab at it.
 >However it is also obvious 950 is at daytime
power for Sox night games.
 I know that this accusation keeps
reappearing on this list - I believe that the (then) CE made a very clear
statement about automated day/night power changes (I'll look through the
archives to see if I've got that right - please excuse me if I'm wrong). I
think I'll also swing by the station and ask to see the logs. It'd be good
to have something to go on other than supposition.

Michael G Wilkins

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