Rhode Island Translators (Was WALE is Spanish)

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Sun Jun 3 18:59:40 EDT 2007

Hi, all-

A translator CP was granted to Boston University for 91.5 in Newport. 
Apparently, it was never built. The app was filed in 1999, granted in 2000, 
and expired in 2003. Its current status at the FCC is Permit Cancelled, and 
it has been assigned a deleted-type call sign (DW218BO).

There is an active translator application by The WRNI Foundation for 91.3 in 
Wakefield. It was filed in 1999, and is still listed as "Tendered."

A translator app filed in 1998 by Southern RI Public Radio Broadcasting for 
Coventry on 91.5 was dismissed, presumably because it would interfere with 
WCVY, also in Coventry, also on 91.5.

Another translator app filed in 1999 by Broadcasting for the Challenged for 
91.5 in Coventry was also dismissed, presumably for the same reason.

So of all four of these translator apps on 91.3 and 91.5, not one is on the 

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> >From NERW, May 28, 1999:
>> One bit of RHODE ISLAND news: WBUR-FM is applying for a
>> Newport translator on 91.5, which would bring a solid
>> public radio signal to Aquidneck Island for the first
>> time.
> That never went on the air as far as I know.
> EP

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