Gratuitous plug

Sean Smyth
Sun Jun 3 01:45:35 EDT 2007

Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
> For those of you on the list who for some reason don't make it a
> habit
> to check in regularly at our site, The Archives @
> (shame on you!), over the past week I've worked to put up three new
> photo galleries (with a fourth on the way as soon as its review
> period
> expires).  I've also reorganized the index of photo galleries so you
> can find things more easily.  Hop on over to
> <> and spend some quality time with
> "WUNR/WKOX/WRCA construction progress, Spring 2007" and "Brighton
> Studioplex".  Both galleries are fairly small by my standards, so if
> you want something a bit meatier, and you can tolerate my taste in
> architecture, give "Some Back Bay architecture" a try.
> Four down, only about thirty-five to go....

Speaking of the Archives, are the market listings still there? If they
are, I've been passing over them.

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