WWZN announces it will stay sports

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Fri Jun 1 07:33:10 EDT 2007

Well, what about Sports in Spanish? There is an ESPN Spanish network, and
though I'm sure that WROL has the Sox in Spanish locked up for this season
(at night--WBNW carries the day games in Spanish), it shouldn't be hard for
50-kW WWZN to show the Sox (or whomever is responsible for selling the
Spanish radio rights) that WWZN covers a lot better at night than WROL does
(even when WROL "forgets" to cut back to night power--which seems to be most
of the time).

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> You know that announcement the new owners of WWZN made about the station
flipping to
> programming serving the immigrant community? Never mind. In a press
> that Boston Radio Watch reproduced, they said that 1510 WILL stay sports.
> "'1510 The Zone has been embedded in Boston as a sports station for the
last 10 years and we would like to preserve that tradition,' said Peter
Davidson, the head of Blackstrap Broadcasting, LLC. 'Boston is among the
greatest sports cities in the country and the demand for sports coverage in
the region reflects that,' he said."

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