Herald: Music fee hikes could scuttle WJIB

Donald A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 21:34:02 EST 2007

> IRC, SESAC now represents several prominent
> composers/arrangers that 
> hitherto  nested with ASCAP and/or BMI e.g. Neil
> Diamond, possibly Bob 
> Dylan.

I remember back in the 70's, I was at a station that
was visited by a Seasac agent(?).

He offerred to sell a license to the station...and
showed us the stable of artists that were Seasac.  

Most at the time were garbage, and the GM sent him
packing with a polite "No, Thank You.".

On the way driving away from our station , he heard a
Seasac artist on the air....and turned the car around.
 ...came back in and said....."I think you better buy
a Seasac license..."

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