Fluff show on Yankee Network (1930s)

Cooper Fox fox893@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 13:24:31 EST 2007

Fluffernutter must be a new england thing.  I
mentioned it to someone from the west coast several
years ago and they had no idea what I was talking

--- Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@mail.com> wrote:

> Somehow the subject of Marshmallow Fluff (born in
> Lynn, MA) came up on Free Republic
> and a link was provided to the Durkee-Mower site. On
> the history page came this
> tidbit: Way back in 1930, they "became a pioneer in
> radio advertising" with a
> weekly 15-minute show on Sunday nights, just before
> Jack Benny. The "Flufferettes"
> show featured some performers who later went on to
> national fame, and it
> aired on the 21 station Yankee Network here in New
> England:

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