Fluff show on Yankee Network (1930s)

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Jan 31 11:49:09 EST 2007

Somehow the subject of Marshmallow Fluff (born in Lynn, MA) came up on Free Republic
and a link was provided to the Durkee-Mower site. On the history page came this
tidbit: Way back in 1930, they "became a pioneer in radio advertising" with a
weekly 15-minute show on Sunday nights, just before Jack Benny. The "Flufferettes"
show featured some performers who later went on to national fame, and it
aired on the 21 station Yankee Network here in New England:


And the main page of the site has two old Fluffernutter jingles. 


Marshmallow Fluff is also mentioned in "I'm From Lynn, What Can I Say?"
by funny folk singer Don White, a Lynn native.

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