Herald: Music fee hikes could scuttle WJIB

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Sat Jan 27 11:44:53 EST 2007

Stephanie Weil wrote:
> Jeeze. :(
> If Bob ends up having to sell the station, maybe one of us, or a bunch of
> us here, could get together and buy it for a nominal price?  With the
> stipulation that we could keep the format going as is or ownership reverts
> to Bob?
> Sure we won't get rich quickly (if at all) by doing it...but as a public
> service?
> 'JIB sounds like what I'd like to do if I had a radio station, for sure.
> --
> steph
Given how we have a hard enough time TALKING about radio here without 
flaming each other out, do you really think that we could RUN a radio 
station without killing each other?  Try picking a format!  Let's see, 
beautiful music, long-haired classical for the elite, smooth jazz, 
blues, folk, "progressive" talk, conservative talk, local talk.  We 
could do a different format each hour!


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