Classical change in Washington DC

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jan 25 18:50:55 EST 2007

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> Interference that occurs over open water doesn't count. Also, under
> special circumstances, interference that occurs over land is made to,
> umm, disappear.

>Dan is correct about this.

>To tie up another loose thread from earlier in this discussion, there is
>no ratchet clause for FM (thankfully!)


Hmmm...this means that with WHEB-AM 750 gone, WJIB-AM could in fact have boosted
its power in the past, even without the Bob Bittner co-ownership.  In those days,
there were definite power steps: 250 watts; 500 watts; 1,000 watts...
nowadays someone could propose 827 watts to pick a number at random.

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