Classical change in Washington DC

Thu Jan 25 18:22:41 EST 2007

Interference that occurs over open water doesn't count. Also, under
special circumstances, interference that occurs over land is made to,
umm, disappear. If an area of received interference is very far
(carefully undefined term) from the station that receives the
interference, the interference is ignored. Because of the salt-water
path across Long Island Sound, many New York Cty area AMs interfere
with New England AMs east of Naragansett Bay. The FCC says this
interference doesn't exist (or at least doesn't count). WAMG's CP to
almost double its night power was granted when the very clever
consulting engineer, Glen Clark, realized that, because WAMG's tall
towers produce little high-angle skywave, all of the nighttime
interference that WAMG causes to WCBS occurs south of Long Island.

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>The ratchet rule (hatchet rule?) requres stations making significant
>technical changes to reduce interference to other stations. (Many
>that the FCC classifies as minor are nevertheless significant enough
>invoke the ratchet rule.) On AM, this can necessitate reductions in
>areas of
>caused and received co- and adjacent-channel daytime-contour

I was thinking about daytime-contour-overlap when I read on NERW that
WWDJ-AM 970 Hackensack NJ would be boosting its power to 50,000 watts.
I know that is for entertainment purposes only, but
currently WWDJ's coverage map there shows a positive lobe over Long
Island Sound, towards New Haven's WELI-AM 960.  I guess it's
to both because both frequencies have been in use for decades.  I
be surprised if the pattern WWDJ adopts to reduce daytime
intereference to
WELI results in a possible LOSS of listeners somewhere along the line.
I didn't take notes, but my *Sam Adams besotted brain tells me that's
why no owner of WJIB-AM 740 ever boosted the wattage of that outlet
because it would cause over-water interference to the 730 in Bath, ME
(now coincidentally owned for now by the same individual).

*(Can't forget to take that case of Sam Adams I have in the garage to
save refrigerator space into the house.)

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