Classical change in Washington DC

Garrett Wollman
Thu Jan 25 13:23:42 EST 2007

<<On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 10:43:38 -0500, Shawn Mamros <> said:

> The Table allotments were based on city of license, not transmitter
> location, right?  If so, WXRV wouldn't have been a major change,
> because only the transmitter went to Andover

The transmitter has not moved (and is not proposed to move).  Only the
community of license has changed, but WXRV has not yet filed for the
(pro forma) license to cover on that construction permit, for reasons
which are unclear.  (They are still required to do all of the usual
RFI and environmental certifications even though nothing is going to
change.)  It's possible that they are still negotiating a new site,
and they will file an amendment to their existing construction permit
before it expires to move elsewhere.  I was never able to figure out a
plausible move scenario for 92.5 that would city-grade Andover but not
Haverhill, given that they are third-adjacent to WUMB-FM and just
barely fully-spaced as it is.

(Any possible move would have to be to the west, but still maintain 63
km spacing to WBPR while adding contour protection to Waterbury and
Providence, and I don't see how that benefits them at all.  With a
downgrade to B1 they might just barely fit at ATC Peabody -- with a
big null towards Boston -- but given what they would likely lose in
that scenario it makes no sense to me.)


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