Classical change in Washington DC

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 25 10:43:38 EST 2007

>Real-life example: under the old rules, WXRV had to first petition for a 
>change in the Table to remove the allotment for 223B at Haverhill MA and 
>add an allotment for 223B at Andover MA. Only then could WXRV actually 
>apply to change city of license. Under the new rules, the whole move 
>could be filed as a one-step minor change, though with most of the same 
>paperwork that the two-step move required.

The Table allotments were based on city of license, not transmitter
location, right?  If so, WXRV wouldn't have been a major change,
because only the transmitter went to Andover; they're still licensed
to Haverhill.  (Either that, or they've been doing all of their
legal IDs wrong...)

-Shawn Mamros
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