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>Class, today's assignment is to compare and contrast the following Web

If you're talking about appearance and functionality, wcrb.com's website
seems comparable to other radio-station websites.  It's bright,
colorful, has all its 'buttons' from left-to-right, which I prefer.
It appears it was brought up too soon...it contains a page destined
to provide a list of musical performances in the area, but at present, it's
empty.  It DOES present a piece of newsworthy information:
they plan to resume the classical-cartoon festival at Symphony Hall
in the spring.  One detriment...it has only ARCHIVES of music played...
not prospective lists so a person could plan future listening.
WQXR's website is very 'busy' because it's the radio station of the 
New York Times.  There are links to the paper and several arts 
organization such as the 92nd St Y and St. Luke's Orchestra.  Its
playlist provides only 24-hours notice of future programming.
KING-FM's website's appearance is ok, but the primary value is
a prospective playlist that goes a few days in the future so listeners
can plan their listening: tomorrow, Wednesday they've scheduled
Bruckner's Eighth Symphony, a piece as long as Beethoven's 9th but 
with no chorus, very gutsy.
The one that I don't like is wfmr.com.  No imagery associated with
Milwaukee (beer perhaps?);  the links vertically down the left-hand 
side;  just archives, no prospective programming.  Just by chance,
I viewed the website of the Sacramento station that held the fatal
water-drinking contest (there was a link to it on another radio site);
if that's "major-market" it may be because there are so many bright and
colorful pictures, including a little motion or lights going on-and-off.

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