Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Roger Kolakowski
Mon Jan 22 17:48:39 EST 2007

When Bob ran his DX test last year, WJTO had a better signal into beautiful
downtown Topsfield, MA than JIB...I sure wish he would bring the Bout "bell"


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> > I've listened to the "station". It is running advertisments, and
> > soliciting them on their website. Legitimately licensed LPFM's
> > are non-commercial.
> >And I wonder if they pay their ASCAP and BMI fees-- the rates have
> >gone up dramatically, which is a story for another day; but no
> >kidding, if you play music, you are supposed to pay them. I don't
> >recall any exemptions for small stations, unless I am reading the
> >rules incorrectly.
> It was brought up at the "Bring back Boston's Progressive Talk" meeting
> week that one broadcaster definitely affected by this is good guy Bob
> Bitner.  On's Boston board, Bob said that later in the
> year he plans to move to Maine and run both WJTO and WJIB as simulcasts,
> possible to save $$$$$$$.
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