Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Laurence Glavin
Mon Jan 22 12:49:09 EST 2007

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>Subject: Re: Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1
>Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 01:00:50 -0500
> Eli wrote--
> I've listened to the "station". It is running advertisments, and
> soliciting them on their website. Legitimately licensed LPFM's
> are non-commercial.

>And I wonder if they pay their ASCAP and BMI fees-- the rates have 
>gone up dramatically, which is a story for another day; but no 
>kidding, if you play music, you are supposed to pay them. I don't 
>recall any exemptions for small stations, unless I am reading the 
>rules incorrectly.

It was brought up at the "Bring back Boston's Progressive Talk" meeting last
week that one broadcaster definitely affected by this is good guy Bob
Bitner.  On's Boston board, Bob said that later in the
year he plans to move to Maine and run both WJTO and WJIB as simulcasts,
possible to save $$$$$$$. 

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