Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Michael E
Mon Jan 22 09:16:18 EST 2007

Sunday morning, driving down route 93 southbound, I first picked up 106.1 
Touch FM at the Winchester Highlands, if you know the area.  Reception was 
spotty at best, continuing with static interruptions til I got to the lower 
deck.  Lost it in the tunnel, but on the other side of the tunnel, it came 
in strong.  Remained a decent signal from the Southie/Dorchester stretch, 
through Milton and Quincy.  Lost the signal for a second when I got on Route 
3 south, lost it for good at Derby St (exit 15) in Hingham when WCOD powered 

I tell you all that as evidence that the station can be heard in a swath 
that's larger than five miles.
Programming was interesting.  They were marking recent deaths, including the 
widow of John Coltrane.

I wish them well.  I can't argue with their stated mission.  I just hope 
they find a way to become legit and stay on the air.

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>At 02:05 AM 1/22/2007, Bob Nelson wrote:
>>Radio Free Vermont (late 90s, 96.5
>>in Rutland) got shut down for illegally broadcasting and
>>they, too, ran ads (I have a tape of them and there was
>>an ad for a golf driving range in nearby Clarendon.)
>What still annoys me is how Radio Free Allston was shut down-- it ran no 
>ads, served groups in the community that were not being served at all, was 
>totally non-profit and mainly staffed by volunteers... and yet the FCC (on 
>a complaint from, I believe WROR) came in and shut them down.  I never 
>understood what harm RFA was doing to anyone with their low power and their 
>commitment to the community.  Yet assorted pirates who ARE trying to make 
>money still remain on the air.  I don't get it.

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