Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Bob Nelson
Mon Jan 22 02:05:29 EST 2007

From: "Eli Polonsky" 

>>I've listened to the "station". It is running advertisments, and
soliciting them on their website. Legitimately licensed LPFM's
are non-commercial.

More ammunition for the FCC, should a complaint come in (and
it will, eventually). 

Radio Free Vermont (late 90s, 96.5
in Rutland) got shut down for illegally broadcasting and
they, too, ran ads (I have a tape of them and there was
an ad for a golf driving range in nearby Clarendon.)

RFV still has a site up and they say they
remain off the air: "Forget the 'LPFM license'. You can't sell advertising
 on it and it isn't affordable."

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