unlicensed LP-FM in today's Boston Globe, PS

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Jan 20 15:30:20 EST 2007

Since Bob Nelson and I thought of the same thing at the same time-- 
my question was not about whether Boston should have black stations-- 
they absolutely should,and I used to consult WILD back in the Ken 
Nash era, may he rest in peace.  The folks running Touch FM seem to 
be professionals, family-friendly, etc.  BUT, why would they let the 
Globe do a huge story when they are unlicensed?  Surely they must 
realise the FCC will check into this... or are they certain that the 
FCC not do so?  (I'm old-fashioned about licensing rules -- while I 
believe the FCC has abdicated much of its oversight function and 
permitted some pretty vile stuff to be on the air, I still think 
stations should be licensed, because that rule is still on the books...)  

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