Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Bob Nelson
Sat Jan 20 15:11:29 EST 2007

It'll take you awhile to reach the part of the story which says that Boston's
newest radio station may...not be legit. You mean the FCC didn't license
WTCH-FM 106.1? Yes, but they have an excuse. Remember the station awhile
back that went on with 99 watts illegally--but it was OK, because the FCC
doesn't license stations under 100 watts?

It's great that they're serving a community but they are also not a licensed
station and I hope nobody there is heartbroken if eventually they are shut down.
(Also the article says the station must be non-commercial--am not sure if they
are running ads or not--and they must serve as a "noncommercial educational entity, 
and must "not interfere with larger stations."

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