Mancow As Moral Arbiter?

Laurence Glavin
Fri Jan 19 16:49:21 EST 2007

I happened to watch "The O'Reilly Sphincter" last night because Stephen
Colbert was a guest, and the Sacramento radio stunt death came under discussion
during another portion of the show.  Now O'Reilly seems to have enough 
juice to get any number of qualified people to discuss the radio industry
(Donna for example?), but whom did he choose to pontificate on the subject?
Why, Mancow Muller, who thereupon opined that "morning-zoo-style" stunts are for 
loser stations.  Holy hypocrisy Batman...the Moonster made his reputation in part
on "zany" stunts according to his entry in wikipedia, including one that famously
tied up the San Francisco Bay/Oakland bridge for hours which could have endangered 
the public by delaying emergency vehicles.  The wikipedia entry also states that
Mancow promoted a number of unusual contest for lsteners, mostly ones that put 
contestants through humiliating ordeals.  Just as felony convictions hereabouts
are no barrier to being hired by WRKO (Howie Carr in his Herald column today
gave a heads-up to WRKO for a nother malefactor they should consider), I guess 
a sordid broadcast radio history not only doesn't PREVENT someone from being
a pontificator on the Fox News Channel, it is a BOOST to his or her chances
(as well as a gig on the same vehicle at another time).

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