[B-R-I] Re: Bad Taste Radio - Girl Dumped Live On The Radio

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Fri Jan 19 12:52:09 EST 2007

Bill O'Neill wrote:
> Seriously, as irresponsible as promotional stunts can be, I would still 
> side against legislating against it.  This, along with the mis-named 
> "Fairness Doctrine" have no place in a free speech environment.  The 
> natural consequences of doing stupid stuff like this include: barristers 
> stepping forth and whipping out words like hitherto, whereas, damages, 
> garnished wages, settlement, license challenge, and new jobs featuring 
> 'fries-with-that?'

As irresponsible as a stunt might be, isn't there a legal way for 
contestants to acknowledge that there are inherent risks (some seen, 
some unforseen) in any endeavour and that they assume all 
responsibility, regardless of risks (up to and including death), for 
whatever may happen to them as a direct result of their actions e.g. 
drinking too much water?

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