Bad Taste Radio - media responsibility

Donald A.
Thu Jan 18 22:08:29 EST 2007 of American Idol...and onto something that
has been in the news recently.

Everyone been following the story of the abducted boys
in Missouri?

The press (and the public) has been very interested in
the story of the boy who was held for 4 years. 

I am surprised the press is parading him (and his
picture) all over the tube, newspapers and magazines,

I would think that a young person in his situation
deserves a little privacy.  The adults (including his
parents) should know better...and not allow the
intrusiveness of the TV cameras into his life.

One can only imagine what this boy was subjected to
from his captor for four years.

I would think he needs time (and privacy) to heal.

I would think the press/media and his parents would
understand that.

Anyone else feel this when they see the boys picture
over and over again on TV?

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