Marconi Museum _site_ visit

Ric Werme
Thu Jan 18 21:16:29 EST 2007

Richard Chonak wrote:
> Speaking of mvsevms, I've been trying to find out whether the Marconi 
> Museum in Bedford, NH, is actually in operation; does anyone know?

Never heard of it.  I've been to Marconi Station a couple times, but
there's not much there!

> The organization's web site
> doesn't list any scheduled hours, and when I called its phone a few days 
> ago, I reached an answering machine that was full and couldn't take any 
> more messages.

I had an errand today that took me by Bedford, so I figured I should check it
out for you.  I forgot to check a map before I went, but from the appearance
of the building, I figured it had to be close to the center of town.  I
found it next door to the Town Offices.

The parking area was a sheet of ice, a sign in the window said hours are 11-4
Tues-Fri (or Sat?). The door was well locked and it looks like it hasn't been
open this week.  I consider asking about it at the Town Office, but didn't.

There was a small (i.e. personal collection) radio museum in Canterbury I
noticed a long time ago.  Last summer I found it again, but the owner died a
year or two ago.  While his son would like to get it going again, he's been
busy with his smokehouse.

     -Ric Werme

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