Bad taste TV, was: Bad Taste Radio - Girl Dumped Live On The Radio

Ric Werme
Thu Jan 18 17:51:29 EST 2007

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Chuck Igo wrote:
> > she went straight to the young man mentioned above and offered that 
> > she thought he was either autistic, semi-autistic, or perhaps 
> > Aspergur's (sp?) syndrome.  one might think that through vetting, 
> > pre-production, witnessing the audition and then rolling through hours 
> > of tape in the editing room that someone involved might have picked up 
> > on a similar thought and followed-up. 

> You nailed it.  While I can recognize and not diagnose, it's fair to say 
> that the contestant we saw was likely, as they say, "on the spectrum."  
> There is a line that someone, somewhere, along that process of vetting 
> that you mention, who had to have stopped and wondered if this passed 
> the simple test of fairness. 

I missed the show (heck, I've missed _all_ of them), but might have seen
part of that signing and dressing down on Good Morning America.
I wouldn't expect someone with Aspergers to want to be on the show.
People with Aspergers can't "read" other peoples' non-verbal communication
but I guess anyone can get the gist of a verbal dressing down. includes
"a lack of spontaneous seeking to share enjoyment, interests, or
achievements with other people (e.g. by a lack of showing, bringing,
or pointing out objects of interest to other people)"

I do know two people in Mensa with Aspergers, one was diagnosed only recently
at around age 60, the other is early 20s.  One other I suspect.  I wouldn't
expect any of them to be on American Idol.  Then again, I can think of only
a few friends who'd try out.  However, "Some people with Aspergers Syndrome
have high IQ scores but many more have average IQ scores and struggle with
learning disabilities."  It may be that intelligent people with Aspergers
are attracted to Mensa because its full of people who never quite fit
in and they can relate to that and find acceptance.

> Hours of footage hit the floor.  Nothing went to air by accident.

I think that's the key.  It would be really interesting to see some of
what didn't get broadcast and have been a fly-on-the-wall at some of
the related discussions.

Personally, I think American Idol needs a gong.  Hearing the gong would
help prepare the contestant for the abuse to follow and save contestants
from signing their heart out for the whole piece.  Yes, I have seen
episodes of the The Gong Show....

The Good Morning America segment was on how nasty the judges are.  Doesn't
that story run each year?

     -Ric Werme

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