Reuters: ten fired after radio contest death

Mark Watson
Thu Jan 18 16:49:49 EST 2007

Laurence Glavin wrote:

> I definitely would not the following observation to be interpreted as
> downplaying the sadness and seriousness of this event...
> but I just happened to hear Rod Fritz do the Fox news-on-the-hour
> on WRKO, and he included this story during the 'cast.  Now I don't
> know how much control he has over story selection, but I imagine
> that he must have run it with some satisfaction that it related to
> Entercom and would be heard over at the Entercom station that jettisoned 
> him.

   Good to see that Rod Fritz found a new job. How long has he been with Fox 
Radio? Anyone hear if any of the other ousted WRKO news staffers have found 
new jobs?

Mark Watson 

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