Reuters: ten fired after radio contest death

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jan 18 14:17:18 EST 2007

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>From: "Bill O'Neill" 
>To: "Richard Chonak" 
>Subject: Re: Reuters: ten fired after radio contest death
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:42:17 -0500

>Richard Chonak wrote:
> The firing sounds reasonable, if the show's producers ran this 
> stupid stunt without getting it approved by the company's lawyers.
>What a tough way to go. Sadder still that I believe the deceased 
>left two kids behind, now without a mom.
>Join a cheesy radio contest and then die. The sad thing about the 
>ten staffers who were booted down the stairs? There will be ten 
>more Mensa candidates taking their places.
>Bill O'Neill

I definitely would not the following observation to be interpreted as 
downplaying the sadness and seriousness of this event...
but I just happened to hear Rod Fritz do the Fox news-on-the-hour
on WRKO, and he included this story during the 'cast.  Now I don't
know how much control he has over story selection, but I imagine 
that he must have run it with some satisfaction that it related to
Entercom and would be heard over at the Entercom station that jettisoned
him.  BTW, to paraphrase Tony the Tiger, Rod sounded G-R-R-R-EAT!
I think WBZ screwed up, but as I wrote earlier (and you know I don't like
to repeat myself) the WRKO defenestration probably occurred too late
for the R-man to be considred by WBZ.

(Bill...I love your email address's the first time 
I've seen anyone be so self-referential in his or her nomenclature.  But I
notice it ends in .us;  does this mean that Vermont is actually IN the US?)

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