Bad Taste Radio - Girl Dumped Live On The Radio

Bill O'Neill
Thu Jan 18 13:47:31 EST 2007

Chuck Igo wrote:
> she went straight to the young man mentioned above and offered that 
> she thought he was either autistic, semi-autistic, or perhaps 
> Aspergur's (sp?) syndrome.  one might think that through vetting, 
> pre-production, witnessing the audition and then rolling through hours 
> of tape in the editing room that someone involved might have picked up 
> on a similar thought and followed-up. 

You nailed it.  While I can recognize and not diagnose, it's fair to say 
that the contestant we saw was likely, as they say, "on the spectrum."  
There is a line that someone, somewhere, along that process of vetting 
that you mention, who had to have stopped and wondered if this passed 
the simple test of fairness. 

Hours of footage hit the floor.  Nothing went to air by accident.

Bill O'Neill

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