Howie WVMT

Bob Nelson
Thu Jan 18 12:54:40 EST 2007

>>The morning guys at WVMT (Charlie & Ernie) explaining the pending 
loss of Howie Carr show next week. Apparently, Carr was on with the 
guys explaining that the Doyle (replacement) show would be "short 
lived."  Indications are that the rights fees were to be raised to 
exorbitant levels when considering market rank and size.

Thanks for that info! Yes hopefully he'll be back on WVMT soon
(if that's what you mean by Doyle's show being short lived;
i.e., a return to Howie). The motel where I usually stay
up in that area is in Colchester, close enough to 620's stick
that someday I may pick it up on my fillings! :)

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