Two Dave MacNeils?

Dan Strassberg
Wed Jan 17 13:50:33 EST 2007

If you haven't figured out that the mindset of a typical radio listener
differs substantially from that of a typical concert-goer, there is no hope
for you! Yes the same individuals can be (and often are) radio listeners and
concert-goers--but few people fill both roles simultaneously.
Notwithstanding your eccentric preferences, radio listeners--mostly--want to
be entertained. Listeners to classical-music radio usually are looking for
background music for other activities. Attendees of classical concerts and
grand opera have a variety of objectives (while present at the concert or
performance). Few are likely to be looking for background music. The concert
experience is what they spent money for--on the tickets, the babysitter, the
transportation, the new hairdo, the new suit or dress, whatever. You've said
that classical radio programmers must follow the same rules as those who
select music to be performed at classical concerts. I can think of few
statements I've read on this list that represent greater hogwash! And you
have offered no reasons why radio programmers have an obligation to meet
your absurd expectations, which you present as gospel.


Dan Strassberg
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> > > There's no question that symphonies should be played in full because
> > > that's what music directors of symphony orchestras ranging from the
> > > New York Philharmonic to the smallest community orchestra do in
> > > regular concerts
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> >From: "Garrett Wollman" >
> > And musicians a rock concerts often play extended or altered versions
> > of their songs, but that doesn't mean that radio stations are obliged
> > to play those versions instead of the ones that are intended for air.
> > Commercial radio is a business, not a charity. Get over it.
> >Some of us have given up any hope that Glavin CAN "get over it".
> >Stubborn....or obsessive....I can't figure it out.
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