Two Dave MacNeils?

Laurence Glavin
Tue Jan 16 15:10:40 EST 2007

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>Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 21:56:45 -0500

> ... WCRB arch-enemy and tormenter, Laurence Glavin, apparently doesn't
> count single symphony movements as any kind of play of the work because
> he has said repeatedly that WCRB NEVER plays Beethoven's Ninth.
>When WCRB had listener's vote for the Top 40, the 9th always won, and did get played
>in entirety

I checked the archives under 'Authors' and couldn't find even a single instance 
where I might have erroneously given that impression because I know it's not
the case.  Under previous "management" they would occasionally run an 
essential classics weekend, and that's where they would sneak in a complete LvB9
somewhere around 9:00 pm on Sunday.  December was taken up with holiday music, 
but since The Great One's birthday occurred in that month, it's possible
they could also play it on a Sunday night close to the 16th.  Since the new
"management" hasn't brought up a new except to offer online
audio streaming, I can't tell if they did so in 2006.

>I can appreciate that, but if symphonies must be fully played, then so
>should Ma Vlast, which contains The Moldau (a key top-40 piece), as should
>ballets, choral works, etc.

There's no question that symphonies should be played in full because
that's what music directors of symphony orchestras ranging from the 
New York Philharmonic to the smallest community orchestra do in
regular concerts (not youth concerts or family concerts usually with lectures).
Performance practice with regard to 
"Ma Vlast" is to play "The Moldau" almost overwhelmingly, and occasionally
"From Bohemia's Meadows and Forests"...classical music radio music directors
have the right to do the same thing (I've only been to ONE live
performance of ALL of "Ma Vlast" in my life, and that's when a major 
Czeck conductor, Rafael Kubelik, was a guest conductor of the Boston 
Symphony Orchestra, and that was probably 20 years or more ago.
There's no need to play individual movements from longer pieces because
the standard repertory contains countless relatively short orchestral
pieces they could play in their stead...look up "symphonic poem" at

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