Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal

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Tue Jan 16 04:12:20 EST 2007

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> Chuck:  I see that you are putting the emphasis on Mr. Finneran's 
> convictionand not his lack of radio experience.  That is a real 
> distinction from the
> folks hired at WGAN.  I was focusing on your comments regarding 
> his voice
> and lack of experience when thinking of Ken.  
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> > 

were it not for Finneran's new-found status as an out-of-work pol 
thanks to less than scrupulous dealings, do you honestly think he'd be 
any major market station's first choice to host morning drive?   i'm 
not putting the emphasis on that at all - i do believe i plainly 
stated that i feel that dues-paying and hard work in broadcast means 
everything.  the trend to hire individuals of no broadcast background 
is, as i initially stated, disheartening to those of us who have 
worked for years with an eye on the prize.  and that the hiring of 
said individuals based upon a level of notoriety is an extremely sad 
thing to me.

however, these individuals do bring to the mic a certain level of 
inside knowledge gained from their particular field of expertise.  in 
the case of politics-hungry Boston, a man of Finneran's stature can 
only add to the constant desire to know more about how and why the 
government in that state is doing what it does.

- -Chuck Igo

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