Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Mon Jan 15 21:34:10 EST 2007

Dan B wrote:
>>Chuck:  You are now parsing your earlier broad statement like a lawyer
trying to distinguish an unfavorable case.

I was thinking of Ken and the two politicians now hosting a weekend show om
WGAN when I sent my earlier message.  Ken's voice is painful to listen to.<<

and had you more definitively stated your intended meaning, i might have 
been somewhat less disinclined to disagree.  however, parsing aside, you 
simply stated that WRKO was taking a page from the WGAN playbook.  WGAN has 
not hired any convicted felons.  granted, one former WGAN host was convicted 
down the road, but hell, a whole bunch of people voted for her for governor.

to the points you've made - they are your opinions, and i will stipulate 
that with your radio background, they are not necessarily uneducated ones.

in New England Radio, probably the first noteworthy non-radio-background 
person to man a major market mic was Peter Meade when he first appeared on 
WBZ.  i can recall a fairly well-respected and knowledgeable PD wincing at 
the thought of a radio-newbie doing the early evening talk shift on the 
legendary WBZ.
the same could be said when Curtis Sliwa was given Dan Ingram's old shift.

however - neither Peter Meade in Boston, Portland's Ken or the two current 
politicos on WGAN are convicted felons, to the best of my knowledge.

cart-before-the-horse: Richard Hatch.  naked island dweller turned Boston 
morning radio co-host turned forgettful tax-filer.  of course, that whole "i 
won a million dollars on national tv and maybe no will notice..." defense 
didn't really work out well for him.  not for nothing, glad he's cooling his 
heels and not on the air, anywhere.  i feel bad for his kid.

to those who have not paid their dues in radio, i have no admiration for 
their portrayed ability, not unlike many of my long-term professional radio 
bretheren.  ask any one of the new-comers how to facilitate a pattern 
change, mark-cut-splice a length of tape or put a cue tone on the end of a 
spot - they'll look at you like many a perplexed jury.   i am, however, a 
tad bit envious of the compensation packages afforded these folks.  i can 
admit that, and want the phone number of their agents asap.

i'm not parsing a damn thing, Dan.  it is you who attempts to turn the 

the radio people rest.

- -Chuck Igo 

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